About Platan manufacturer:

Platan  is a leading Polish manufacturer of IP-PBXes Telephone Systems. Comprehensive offer, meeting highest requirements of a broad group of customers – from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, offices and public institutions, rescue and uniformed services. Nowadays nearly a million of Poles use Platan products.

Platan offers a comprehensive range of PBXes both in terms of capacity and technology. Smallest PBX offered allows handling several extensions, while the largest telecommunication system can support up to hundreds of users and is designed for large companies and institutions.
Every third PBX sold in Poland in 2009, was manufactured by PLATAN!
Our marketshare in Poland accounts for 32%*, taking into account the number of PBXs sold. That gives us the leading position. This share increased to 44% in the case of digital exchanges and reached up 72% in the case of small digital PBXs *.
Platan is also a producer of digitex Integrated Notification Systems (www.digitex.pl), used for alarming, signalling and providing radio communication for rescue services. Digitex Integrated Notification Systems are widely used not only by Civil Defence (for example in Emergency Management Centres – EMCs) but also by Fire Services, Emergency Ambulance Services, Police and other services as well as by currently developing Emergency Notification Centres (ENCs).

Platan Systems is an entirely Polish technical thought. Our own design offices and dozens of highly qualified specialists in the field of telecommunications, information technology and electronics create solutions based on the latest global trends and technologies. All our products are tailored to the needs and expectations of the market.
The company derives from the rich experience of founding companies – Digitex and Micronet, which since 1985 were among the precursors of Polish electronic market, offering solutions for telecommunications and radio communications. Platan guarantees development of new products in line with the latest global trends.
* „The PABX & IP market – Poland 2008”, Institute of Electronic Market, July 2009